Why Does Everything Start Off Well Only To End Badly?


Why Does Everything Start Off Well Only To End Badly?

Everything was perfect. He was a handsome, charming and interesting man. Showing interest. So much interest. Until the moment when his interest suddenly disappeared for some quite unknown reason. What most women are interested in is the reason why things start off well from the stage of acquaintance to the first date, and then all goes downhill. Why did he say he will call you, and finally didn’t? Or he calls when you least expect it? Why does everything start off well only to end badly?

Why Does Everything Start Off Well Only To End Badly


Today’s topic is the beginning of a relationship, where everything at first feels great until the moment when things change – quite suddenly. It’s about the most common problem in the initial stages of a relationship. Namely, the disappearance of a man with whom everything seemed promising, until he suddenly simply disappeared.

And when you just think that he was abducted by aliens, here he is, alive, healthy and smiling while standing in a line at a newspaper stand. Lol and behold, he has a cell phone in hand. A cell phone that’s most likely working because he’s using it – only he’s not calling YOU. But WHY?

But why?

What most women are interested in is the reason why things start off well from the stage of acquaintance up to the first date, and then everything goes downhill. Why did he say he will call you, and finally didn’t? Or he calls when you least expect it?

The answer is simple – he’s not interested, maybe he was in the beginning, but simply changed his mind.

Why? Why does everything start off well only to end badly? The answer doesn’t lie in the character and personality of a woman – but in her BEHAVIOR.

Of course, it takes two for successful relationship, and men also make “wrong steps” to the same extent as women, but today we’ll take a look at the situation from a woman’s perspective. I’ve seen this scenario countless times. A brilliant, smart, interesting, fun woman meets a high quality man who is READY FOR A RELATIONSHIP. He’s interested to such an extent that he wants to see her as often as possible and needs to hear her voice every day.

Everything looks promising until the moment when his behavior suddenly changes. It becomes very clear that he has suddenly LOST INTEREST for her. How is it possible? This same man is suddenly ready to let go of such an interesting and high quality woman. A woman who obviously has true potential for relationship and marriage? It’s ABSOLUTELY possible. My dear ladies, keep in mind the following:

Losing your compass

Why does everything start off well only to end badly? Wanting to conquer a man they are really interested in, WOMEN OFTEN LOSE THEIR COMPASS. When we want something badly, we often resort to any means, and the greater the desire, the more the impatience grows. And the impatience, my dear ladies, most often won’t put you in a good position in a love.

If a man feels that you are in a hurry to secure your place in his life, he is suddenly no longer in hurry. However, if he feels that you are really in a hurry to become his girlfriend, then he is also stirred up by rush. The rush to escape from the relationship in which he feels pressured to do something. 

In short, when a man feels compelled to be in a relationship, he suddenly DOESN’T WANT that relationship any more. OK?

Keep in mind the following: When it comes to relationships, male and female ways of thinking are very different. At the beginning of a love relationship, men don’t think too much about the potential future of the relationship. They rather let the things run their own course. Here we can note the discrepancy in a male and female way of thinking, or at least, the way they get into a relationship. In fact, most women initially consider the man they are seeing as a potential partner, while men don’t think further then the first or second date.



No, it’s not about karma or destiny

It’s indisputable that the attention of a man is first drawn by the physical appearance of a woman, but ultimately he will fall in love with the woman he feels attracted to physically, intellectually, and emotionally.

The problem arises when a lot of women, based on a several promising encounters, assume that a man is already in love – rush and mindlessly go for what’s supposed to be a relationship. Then all that is exciting and unpredictable in the behavior of a woman disappears, and all the effort she begins to invest in a “seemingly promising relationship” man experiences as a desire for premature attachment.

It’s obvious that things then go downhill, and the man slowly backs away or suddenly disappears without a trace. AND NO, IT’S NOT ABOUT KARMA OR DESTINY, it doesn’t have to end like that at all:

There’s a fine line between success and failure in love. 

And what happens then? In such situations, when a man begins to back away, women often act out of fear and unconsciously choose inconvenient persuasion tactic as a solution. In this situation, a women tries to convince him that his place is with her, but I have bad news:

If you start to assure him that you are the one, by default you ceases to be.

A man will never, never ever, commit to a woman as a result of a conversation.

Don’t make this mistake

Most women are very successful in winning a man’s heart who doesn’t really interest them. But when the one they really like shows up – something changes. Wanting to make sure nothing will go wrong, this same interesting, slightly unpredictable woman begins to invest more and more in a relationship that is still not defined as a relationship.

Thereby, she offers a man safety of a relationship, and, my dear ladies, men don’t fall in love with a sense of security.

What does that mean? That women should be unavailable, shouldn’t show interest or should even act? NOT AT ALL.

A path from an uninterested man to a man in love can be a very simple one

I’m not just saying it from my own experience, but from the experience of hundreds of women with whom I personally worked on improving their love situation. And don’t worry that your surroundings might disapprove because you want to get him interested again. Of course they will, there are always people who are “the smartest” because they haven’t been in the same or similar situation so far.

Often women, who regain interest of a particular man, finally decide that he’s not the man they want by their side. And that’s absolutely okay. However, if at this point you have a desire to turn the tables, either because of vanity or a hurt ego, don’t let anybody convince you otherwise. Maybe it’s about a relationship that’s worth saving or you just need that to move on. Whatever it is, my dears, your love life is your own business. OK?

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Many regards,

Your Love Coach Nelly

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