What Guarantees Success in Love


What Guarantees Success In Love

Success. We all want it. Whether in love or in other fields of life. Success is what we strive for – whether we want to admit or not. While we talk more about career success and more openly approach this subject, love is a somewhat sensitive subject. Love failure is something that we skillfully hide from the public eye. The question is: what guarantees success in love? And is there any guarantee?

What Guarantees Success in Love


My dear ladies, today’s topic is the one that will surely interest each of you. Love success? Expect it. If you know what you’re doing, regardless of your past, unsuccessful relationships, affairs and breakdowns, this year can be completely different – if you have the knowledge you need and if you apply it. I’ve told you countless times, but I’ll repeat it once again:

When it comes to the luck in love, everything is in your hands. The way you position yourself towards the opposite sex and how you play your cards will define your success in love.

There is no guarantee

Recently one girl asked me if I could guarantee her that one of my books would help her in her love situation. Can I guarantee that? Of course not. Until this moment, my books have helped thousands and thousands of women to change their love life. So why don’t I give them a guarantee of success?

It’s very simple. Given that I cannot know if that person is going to follow the advices from my books, how can I guarantee any success? Partially following the advice also won’t result in success.

What guarantees success in love? Follow the experts’ advice.

For example, when a woman who does everything she was told in the book and gets the interest of a man who has previously lost all interest for her, returns to the old behavior patterns and starts bombarding the same man with texts and calls – she will not achieve the desired success. Or maybe she will, but only for a while. It is also similar to those on diets who think that there are days when they can binge on cakes. Of course, they won’t get results, and there is no coach who will encourage you with such a partial approach to losing weight.

Women who have achieved fascinating results by reading my books or after Individual Coaching are those who have actually followed the advice that they have received. So if you apply what you’ve learned, you will achieve the love success that you haven’t even dreamed of in your wildest dreams. On the other hand, if you at the same time apply the advices of a neighbor, cousin, grandma or an acquaintance who is reading tea leaves for you and tells you what you’d like to hear, don’t expect success, okay?

Turn the page

My dear ladies, this is the perfect time to start from scratch and turn a new page. Everything that might have been discouraging for you in the last months and years, use as a lesson that will make you stronger than ever. One situation can be seen from two completely different angles. A woman who is mentally broken and hurt due to a love disappointment can go in two directions. She can indulge in self-pity forever or stand up, wipe her tears and take control of her life.

A girl, with whom I was working on such a change, contacted me just the other day. She found me when she was on the verge of crying every day. That was result of a break up of a relationship in which she was not only unappreciated, but got played and exploited by a former partner. Emotionally and financially. She’s a beautiful and smart girl who, in spite of this, believed her former partner that she is not good enough in every way.

Her self-confidence was seriously disrupted. It seemed unreal that she would be happy again. And really, in a situation like hers, when it seems that your whole world has collapsed, and it doesn’t look like you might be happy again anytime soon, it looks real only when it happens. A few days ago she sent me a photo with her new boyfriend – happier than ever. She is a girl who in spite of experiencing a love breakdown, wiped her tears and decided to choose herself. Every day she was on the verge of tears, but she decided to be strong and really listened to all my advice. What guarantees success in love?

This has guaranteed her success. This was a guarantee of her success.

She actually listened what I said.



Take the coaching

She was eager to listen and apply the advice, and there is no better student than the one who really listens and applies what they have learned. The fact is that feelings don’t fade immediately, even if it’s about a bad former partner who didn’t appreciate you, neither you or your time. The fact is that women often send texts or in any way try to make contact with the same man who hurt them and doesn’t deserve them anyway. And what to do in such a situation when it comes to the temptation like this?

One of the first things I teach women is to choose themselves.

And when a woman chooses herself, it’s not a problem for her to withstand such temptations. This girl decided to choose herself and therefore I knew from the very beginning that I will easily take her to the desired goal.

My dear ladies, if you recognize yourself in this story, if you feel hurt and got played by a certain man, then it is the right time to tell yourself – enough is enough.

Nobody can turn a new page for you. OK?

A man won’t make you a stronger person, but a high quality man will want to be a part of your life when he recognizes you as a strong person. A person who has self-respect. A weak man or a man with inferiority complex will try to make you weak, try to disrupt your self-confidence so he can feel superior.

What greatly increases the chances for success in love is the WILL. Recently one reader asked me in what chapter of my book is there advice for her particular situation. So she doesn’t have to read everything. This is a clear indication that a person won’t achieve the desired results. Please, don’t be in a group of lazy people. Discard the laziness right away.

Read the whole book. Read, read a lot of books. Get a planner and carefully plan your time. The moment you truly learn to respect your and other people’s time – then you will not want to lose your precious time on different illusions about relationships that are not true relationships, and on men who don’t take you seriously.

The same man can change his mind and fall back in love with the same woman he previously lost interest for. Yes he can, but if it hasn’t happened yet, it means you are either stuck with the wrong man or doing something wrong.

And if you continue with the same approach, expect the same results. OK?

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