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How to Become an Amazing Catch, Attract and Keep a High-Quality Man

Learn how to transform your love life in a very short time period from world's leading love, dating and relationship experts

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You will learn how to use your intelligence and feminine power to find and attract high quality men without wasting any more of your precious time. Discover the Life Changing Secrets that Most Women Will Never Know About Men!

Why men suddenly lose interest in great women and how you can avoid this

How to change the situation and to make him want you again

How to get him to fall in love and commit instead of pulling away


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You are going to learn

How to meet and attract high quality men for a long term relationship

What men really want in women when choosing the right one

Why men commit to some women and not others, and how to get a man to commit

Why did he stop calling? What suddenly went wrong

Why he ran from you but committed to the woman after you

Why men loose interest in great women

How to keep him if he is pulling away

How to get him running back to you (instead of running away from you)

Keys to a successful, juicy relationship with a high quality man

How to get him to propose

How to get your power back even if you messed up

How to get your ex back

…and MUCH Much More

But you can lock-in VIP Access to all the trainings and interviews + incredible BONUSES with your
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  • Coming together – Famous love experts Scot and Emily McKay discover irresistible secrets to forming a true partnership that can last forever in their amazing audio programme
  • “Tell The Truth, Let The Peace Fall Where It May”- PDF bestselling book by Bryan Reeves, Thriving life and Relationship coach who will show you that you were born for greatness
  • Love GUIDE by S.K.Nelly: IF A MAN LOSES INTEREST – How to Turn The Tables and Make Him Want You Again?
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Keynote Lecture (by Summit Host): S.K.Nelly


Keynote Lecture

Change Your Love Life Summit is the best education on love you can get in one place! The main goal of the Summit is to help smart and powerful women to find, attract and keep high quality men. You will learn how to completely transform your love life from world’s leading love, dating and relationship experts – by finding out how to become an amazing catch, attract and keep a high-quality man, and have him commit instead of pulling away.

S.K.Nelly is the Host of the Change Your Love Life Summit, Best Selling Author and the Leading Expert in love coaching industry in South East Europe. S.K.Nelly has helped thousands of women to find and keep the high quality man and is known by her top Relationship Coaching Service. Nelly specializes in helping women understand and connect with men, and is the best love coach when it comes to attracting and keeping men or winning them back.

Love GUIDE by S.K.Nelly: IF A MAN LOSES INTEREST – How to Turn The Tables and Make Him Want You Again?

Featured expert Dr. Ray Doktor

Dr. Ray Doktor

7 Truths Behind Why Men Pull Back & How to Attract Committed Men

Dr Ray Doktor reveals 7 truths behind why men pull back and explains how to attract committed men. What should a women do when a guy suddenly pulls away? Why men commit to some women and not others? Those are just some of the juicy information you will get by watching this amazing video interview with dr.Ray.

Dr. Ray Doktor Psy. D. is a Breakthrough Life Coach. He has a master’s in counseling psychology and a doctorate in clinical psychology. He has conducted workshops and lectures in the United States, Netherlands, and Brazil. He has appeared on the E Channel and HBO. You might have also heard him on LA Talk Radio or Talk America Radio.

Your Relationship Blueprint: 2 Simple Steps to Break Old Patterns and Create Thriving Relationships

Featured expert Jaki Sabourin

Jaki Sabourin

How to Get Him to Propose

Can women really get a man to propose? What are a few things we can do to move things along? What can sabotage a woman who wants him to propose? What’s the most important thing a man is looking for in a partner? Love expert Jaki Sabourin reveals the secrets of becoming The One and gives you highly valuable information that you don’t want to miss!

Jaki Sabourin was voted “Best Female Relationship Expert” by her peers and is a Coach, Speaker, Author and CEO of Engaged at Any Age®, a Company that helps women Consciously Create the man of their dreams. Her wit and no-nonsense attitude has led to hundreds of clients meeting their ideal man. She met her husband on Match and married at 50!

Discover Your Soulmate IQ Quiz


Featured expert Renee Slansky

Renee Slansky

Why he ran from you but committed to the girl after you

What should a woman do after being ghosted? How to get a guy to chase you? How long should women wait for the guy to commit? How Important Is Physical Attraction in Dating? Those are just some of the questions that love expert Renee Slansky talks about. If you want to avoid mistakes that most women make in the early stages of relationship, you don’t want to miss this interview.

Renee Slansky is an Australian Love and Relationship coach, TV presenter, Writer and Motivational Speaker, she is a founder of The Dating Directory – which is one of the top 30 global dating blogs and Australia’s number 1 dating and relationship blogs.

The 9 Types Of Women That Make Men Run

Featured expert Adrienne Everheart

Adrienne Everheart

How to talk to men, how to get a men to commit or how to get your ex back

Everything was perfect. Until the day he stopped calling. Why did he stop calling or texting? What can a woman do when a man suddenly pulls away or needs space? How to turn a causal relationship into commitment? How to get your EX back? What are the main tips to get him to chase you? In today’s interview Adrianne will answer the questions you always wanted to ask!

Adrienne Everheart is a Certified Dating and Marriage Coach, and Re-Connection Expert. She is the founder of Love Academy, which includes best-selling programs such as Get Him Back, New Man Manifesto and Dating Unzipped. Her programs focus on healing broken relationships, building anew and attracting the quality partner you desire.

Powerful Proven Scripts to Increase Love and Desire


Featured expert Cherry Norris

Cherry Norris

Is he the real deal or a real danger

In today’s interview with Cherry Norris you will discover: The difference between the “Real Deal” or “Real Danger”, a “sure fire way” to know a dangerous man before he breaks your heart. Why he starts out so into you and then drifts away or disappears? How do you know if you should stay or if you should go?

Cherry Norris is a Love Coach, Speaker, Director and Producer. Since 2002, Cherry’s been giving fun fail-proof tips and life changing strategies to help women meet quality men and STAR in their own love stories.  Cherry wrote, directed and produced the internationally acclaimed feature film, DUTY DATING.

Attract A Quality Man in Less Than 6 Seconds! Video Series

Featured expert Jack Butler

Jack Butler

How to be loved for who you really are and how to find a high quality man without settling

You can be loved for who you really are and you can find a long-term relationship with a high-quality man without settling. You can get him interested again if he lost interest in you. Find out what do high quality men really want in a woman when choosing the one and what to do is the guy you are dating is not willing to commit.

Jack Butler is a Relationship Expert and Speaker who coaches and teaches globally, to help people be more of who they really are. He supports deeper levels of freedom, authenticity and presence beyond the patterns and strategies we take to be our real selves. Jack has clients from around the world, he has taught on four continents and sold his programs in over 20 countries.

3 Keys To Being Relationship Ready: How Successful Women Find A High-Quality Man


Featured expert Helena Hart

Helena Hart

Why men pull away and disappear and what can women do about it

How to attract the man you want? How can you trigger the emotions in a man that unlock his love and devotion? And what can you do when he pulls away and disappears? If this is the problem you’re facing, don’t miss today’s interview with Helena Hart!

Helena Hart is Author and Certified Life and Relationship Coach with a Master’s Degree who helps people all over the world effortlessly attract love into their lives – and she can get results for you quickly! She can help you quickly and permanently turn your love life around.

3 Keys To Attract The Man You Want

Featured expert Bryan Reeves

Bryan Reeves

Setting the boundaries and understanding your partner and what women should do when man pulls away without explanation

Understanding your partner is very important when it comes to relationship. Bryan talks about the most common things that can create misunderstanding between partners. How can a women set the boundaries, especially in a non-defined relationship? Bryan will tell you exactly what to do when he pulls away without explanation and why this could be a game changer in this situation.

Bryan Reeves is a Thriving Life and Relationship Coach and a former US Air Force Captain. With a Master’s Degree in Human Relations, Bryan now coaches men, women and couples in creating thriving lives and relationships. He is the author of the viral blog, “Choose Her Every Day (or Leave Her)” and two books, including his latest “Tell The Truth, Let The Peace Fall Where It May”.

FREE MODULE of “Love, Sex, Relationship, Magic” Audio Program


Featured expert Deborah Kagan

Deborah Kagan

4 pillars of MOJO

Which are the 4 Pillars of Mojo? How any woman can eliminate doubt and create self-confidence, enthusiasm and feminine power? Change your love life today and become magnetically attractive to men with the help of love expert Deborah Kagan.

Deborah Kagan is a Speaker, Author, Mentor and Mojo Recovery Specialist helping women conquer self-doubt and indecision to step into their full power, love who they are and live a turned ON life. She is the creator of the Rock Your Mojo™ programs and the author of Find Your ME Spot: 52 Ways to Reclaim Your Confidence, Feel Good in Your Own Skin and Live a Turned On Life.

The 4 Pillars to Rockin’ Your Mojo – Four part video series

Featured expert Cary Valentine

Cary Valentine

The #1 way to a joyous, juicy relationship

Discover the key to a successful relationship with a high quality man and the #1 way to a joyous, juicy relationship. What makes a man fall in love with a woman? Cary is a proof that you can always start over and find love and happiness.

Cary Valentine is a Certified Relationship Coach who has been assisting many couples and singles over a decade, throughout the world to transform their lives out of the emotional pain of relationship and dating challenges to creating joyous, juicy, sustaining relationships of their dreams through his In Love Forever personal development system.

The #1 Way To Attract & Sustain a Joyous, Juicy Relationship & Complementary relationship 30 minutes discovery session for 10 people


Featured expert Kathryn Alice

Kathryn Alice

Successful dating, attracting and keeping high quality men

Many single women of all generations are struggling with finding a right guy who is ready to commit. Kathryn talks about the best and fastest way to find your soulmate and reveals the secret of successful dating. She talks about the main reasons why man is not seeing women as the one and what to do about it.

Kathryn Alice was a single mom for 10 years before meeting her soulmate Jon. She’s a late bloomer who then had two more children in her forties. Kathryn is considered one of the U.S.’s foremost experts on soulmates & dating. Author of the bestseller Love Will Find You, she teaches around the world and is responsible for thousands of people recovering from heartbreak and finding the love of their lives.

The Ridiculously Easy Way to Love

Featured expert Emily & Scot McKay

Emily and Scot McKay

The secrets of successful online dating and amazing relationships

Where can high quality men be found? Online dating is fast way to meet someone new but it can also be frustrating in many ways. What are the secrets of successful online dating? What would be the key to a successful relationship? What is the secret of your successful marriage? Don’t miss today’s interview with Emily and Scot!

Scot and Emily McKay are professional Dating and Relationship Coaches, the Authors of ten books between them, including four Amazon #1 bestsellers. Together they founded X & Y Communications, which focuses on helping women and men who want to go from good to great in their relationships. They reach over 300,000 people all over the world through their newsletters, podcasts and social media.

Decoding Men


Featured expert Annie Lavin

Annie Lavin

Why men loose interest in great women and how to get them to commit instead of pulling away

Why do smart, intelligent, successful women have so much troubles finding the right guy, the one who is ready to commit? Why men loose interest in great women? How to turn a causal relationship into commitment? What triggers love and commitment in any man? If you feel like you are successful in many areas but in your love life, you are in the right place.

Annie Lavin is a Dating and Relationship Coach and Psychology Lecturer, based in Dublin. She empowers people to achieve relationship success by transforming their relationship with self. Annie is passionate about supporting single people in creating and maintaining healthy meaningful relationships amid the chaos of the modern dating world.

121 love consultation with Annie

Featured expert Bruce Muzik

Bruce Muzik

How to Fix your Lonely, Disconnected & Unsafe Relationship or Save Your Marriage

Why do relationships fail? What is the most common problem in relationships and marriages? How to save your marriage or relationship from falling apart? How to stop fighting and how to communicate so he’ll listen? Why do men cheat on women? Why men marry some women and not others? A highly valuable information by our expert Bruce.

Bruce Muzik is Certified Relationship Repair Expert who helps couples fix their troubled marriages, also known as “The Couples Whisperer”. Bruce is the founder of “Love at first fight” and is one of the best love experts when it comes to saving even hopeless case relationships. His TEDx talk has been watched more than 3 million times.

Fix your Relationship Problems, Save your Marriage


Featured expert Gemini Ferrie

Gemini Ferrie

What works and doesn't work with high quality man

Gemini believed LOVE was something that happened to some women, but not all women but then went from the worse relationship of your life to the best one in four months and started helping other women to change their love lives. What are some of the biggest mistakes that women make trying to find true love? Why do men disqualify some women as a life time partner? How to find happiness with a high quality man?

Gemini Ferrie is a Love Coach & Hypnotherapist for Women, she is the graduate of the Spiritual and Psychology Masters Programme at the University of Santa Monica and she has a private practice in L.A., California where she works with women from all over world, helping them find true love.

The 5 Biggest Mistakes that REPEL High Quality Men

Featured expert Jacqueline Ortiz

Jacqueline Oritz

Self-love - the key for a loving relationship

Find out the difference between self-care and self-love, how to shift out of self-loathing, and thinking we are not enough or less than to authentic self-love? What can women do to start attracting high quality men for loving long term relationships instead of those who are emotionally unavailable, narcissistic, cheaters?

Jacqueline is a Self-love Diva, Dating and Relationship Coach, the Author of the book: Extraordinary You, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Neuro-Linguistic Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Feng Shui Consultant, Reiki Master & Dream Sculpting Coach. She empowers women to elevate and cultivate their level of self-love & self-confidence to attract and create deeply loving & connected relationships.

Extraordinary You (eBook)


Featured expert Larry Michael

Larry Michel

How to change your love life by getting out of your own stories and knocking down obstacles that prevent you from having success and love

Larry’s Personal Energetic Profile will bring a new perspective to your love life. In this amazing interview you will find out how to transform your love life in short time period, how to regain your confidence (after a bad break up) and start over, the real reason you struggling to find high quality men for a long term relationship and the key to successful relationships with men.

Larry Michel is a Breakthrough Relationship Coach, Author, Trainer, Speaker and Producer that helps individuals to attract more love, abundance and prosperity into their lives also known as Love Shepard. Larry has 30 years of coaching experience and his field of work is Genetic Energetics.

Free Personal Energetic Profile

Featured expert Dr. Erica Goodstone

Erica Goodstone

How to heal through love, save your relationship or start over

Dr. Erica talks about our past and our childhood influence our relationships in the future. She explains how to heal trough love and talks about secrets to successful relationships with men. How to heal a broken heart and start over or how to save a dying relationship or marriage, what to do when things aren’t working out? Dr. Erica will share her rich knowledge and experience by talking about interesting life examples.

Dr. Erica Goodstone is a Healing Through Love Mentor and Spiritual Relationship Healer, International Author and Speaker, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Licensed Marriage Therapist, Board Certified Sex Therapist, Touch and Somatic Awareness Therapist, and Personal/Life and Health/Wellness Coach. She will teach you all about love and help you to heal yourself and your relationship to others through love.

104 Places to Meet the Love of Your Life (eBook)

DAY 10

Featured expert Deborah Morehead

Deborah Morehead

The #1 mistake smart successful women make when it comes to love and 3 important steps to take to be successful in your love life

What is the #1 action to take when finding love? Deborah will help you take action today in order to change your love life! She talks about the #1 mistake smart successful women make when it comes to love, important steps to take to be successful in your love life and provides many valuable tips that every woman will want to implement!

Deborah Morehead is a Best Selling author, Expert Therapist and Love Coach. After being stood up on her 30th birthday by her drug addicted boyfriend, Deborah Morehead was determined to figure out this relationship stuff. Along with her 25 years’ experience as a therapist, her #1 bestselling book Conscious Love: Enlightened Relationships and Soulful Sex and her effective Happiness Freedom Formula she can help you have the power to create your own happy, amazing relationship.

104 Places to Meet the Love of Your Life (eBook)7 Red Flags He’s Not Ready or Right For You

Featured expert Debby Montgomery Johnson

Debby Montgomery Johnson

Changing your love life after dealing with tragedy and loss, online romance scam

Her husband died after 25 years of marriage and she was also a victim of an online romance scam. Being a single parent and starting over dating at age 52 was a challenge, so she is a proof that no matter what happens to you, you can start over and change your life for the better. In this interview, Debby will show you how to start over, regain your confidence and stand up in your power!

Debby Montgomery Johnson is a #1 Best Selling Author, International Speaker, Radio host and businesswoman. She is a woman on a mission. In her book, “The Woman Behind the Smile” she shares her personal experience with a love that turned into betrayal and financial disaster and she removes the mask of shame and shows others how do to the same.

7 Steps to STAND UP in your POWER

DAY 11

Featured expert Kimberly Seltzer

Kimberly Seltzer

How to boost your self-confidence and attract men like a magnet

Yes, you can become a man magnet! And Kimberly Seltzer is the expert who will help you on your way by teaching you how to boost your self-confidence. You might also want to know how to get back out there after a breakup. Kimberly will also give you tips for putting together a fabulous date night outfit and many more valuable information.

Kimberly Seltzer is a Certified Style & Confidence Coach, Dating Coach, Matchmaker who has helped thousands of people find lasting love and connection, attract success and build valuable relationships using her unique “confidence makeover” process. She spoke on many big conferences and was featured in many famous magazines. She is the Cohost of The Great Love Debate and the host of The Flirt Academy workshops nationwide.

7 Sexy Body Shape Guide

Featured expert Valerie Greene

Valerie Greene

The 3 Mistakes Successful Women Make That Repel Love and the Simple Formula to Have the Relationship of Your Dreams NOW!

Our love expert Valerie Greene reveals 3 mistakes powerful women make that repel love and the mindset shift women need to make to attract, re-ignite, and sustain lasting love. You will also learn how to master your emotions and communicate them to a man in an inspiring way and the one skill you must develop to inspire your man to meet your deepest needs and desire!

Valerie Greene is a unique relationship mentor who helps women to inspire their man to fulfill their deepest needs and desires. Valerie helps women and couples create a secure emotional CONNECTION – not just problem-solving or communication skills. She leads workshops, retreats, and online courses for women and couples, and is the creator of the 12-week Man-ifest Lasting Love coaching program.

E-guide Man-ifest Lasting Love: How to Easily Inspire Him to Fulfill Your Deepest Desires!


Dr. John Gray

Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus

In this special interview with world known and famous love expert dr. Gray you will learn how to understand men, build lasting relationships, improve communication, and create success in your life and your love life.

Dr. John Gray is a World Known Relationship Counselor, Lecturer and Author of #1 Bestseller “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus“. He is the author of 18 books, including the New York Times number one best seller “Men are from Mars, women are from Venus.” His books have sold over 50 million copies in 50 different languages. John is a leading internationally recognized expert in the fields of communication and relationships.