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I have no words to describe this empowering experience! Nelly is definitely the best dating and relationship coach you can ever find! So warm and kind, she held my hand during a very hard period after my breakup and she literally changed my life! I am a 38 years old women, lawyer, successful in my career, but I was never happy when it comes to love. It seems like I never understood men as if I was walking around blindfolded. A toxic relationship, one after another, and so many men who were never ready to commit. I played a role of a victim my whole life and expected men to fill out all the gaps in my life. It was a one way street of disappointment. I knew I needed help and a friend of mine recommended Nelly. After a month of working with Nelly my whole universe turned around, she opened my eyes and I could finally see what I was doing wrong. At the same time I met a wonderful guy, started dating him and soon after he was the one who suggested we should be exclusive. I am so proud and happy to say that I am finally, finally in a happy, committed relationship thanks to Nelly and her amazing guidance!

Ana, Germany

I am engaged! All thanks to my wonderful coach Nelly! She is excellent in what she does, truly excellent! I was amazed by her honesty and approach, I could tell from the very first moment when we spoke that she really cares about getting the best possible results. It felt like I was talking to a friend, but this friend really knew what she was talking about. I have been disappointed in love so many times before and then I met HIM. Everything was great at first, it seemed like I met my soulmate, and then, only after a month of dating, for no reason, he stopped calling. I didn’t understand why until I spoke to Nelly. She made it so clear for me. I finally understood why men suddenly pull away with no explanation. And I wanted him back. I started to have feelings for him and just couldn’t let go. I desperately wanted him back but at the same time I thought it was a mission impossible. But then a miracle happened. Not only did I get him interested in me again but he fell in love with me in a short time period. Eight months after, he proposed and it still feels like I‘m dreaming. But now I know it wasn’t a miracle. The knowledge I got from Nelly prevented me from making the same mistakes all over again and this was the best investment ever.

Kelly, San Diego

It was a breakthrough in my life. I have to admit I was skeptical at first, cause I hired other dating coaches before Nelly and never got the results I wanted. She was different than any coach I met! She helped me find my true value as a women and things have never been the same since I started working with this amazing woman. She helped me in so many ways and after one VIP day my life changed for the better. I am a 40 years old accountant, divorced and a single mom of a wonderful 8 years old boy. I wasn’t happy at work and I thought I could never be happy in love again. It felt like I lost myself somewhere in my daily routine and the only thing I was good at was being a mom. Nelly helped me find my purpose as a women and a person who can do anything she puts her mind into, she believed in me and taught me how to regain my self-confidence. I quit my job, and decided to follow my dreams and soon after I met a man that shared the same dreams and values with me. He became my business partner and thanks to Nelly, my life partner.

Jessica, London

Nelly has solved my life’s dilemma. I was online, searching for answers, and came across her books which I instantly bought and read the same day. At that moment I knew I found my coach and I’m finally happy because I know that the rest of my life will be better. I was the doormat my whole life to a man I’ve been dating and the only time I was happy when I spontaneously held the distance because I wasn’t into this guy so much. In 30 years I’ve been trying to be happy. I always wanted a warm, friendly open relationship, good communication but I settled for wrong men, hoping that things will change if I stayed and waited long enough. Nelly opened my eyes and made me realize that I will never achieve true happiness by waiting and hoping for a man to commit. It doesn’t work like that and now I am fully aware of it. I also figured I wanted to be truly happy as a person, not just by having a partner. I started to invest in myself and things have changed in a short time period. Nelly taught me how to become a love magnet for men, but most of all, she taught me how to set boundaries and how to set a foundation for a long term relationship. All in all: I am currently dating a guy I never thought would be interested in me and he treats me like a princess. Life can be really beautiful, if you know how to get what you want and I learned that from Nelly.

Barbara, Croatia

A man will walk across the entire world if he thinks you’re the one. But if he thinks you’re not the one, there are lots of ways he’ll wiggle away. And I will help you become THE ONE.



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