Change Your Love Life Summit


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Become an Amazing Catch, Attract and Keep a High-Quality Man

Change Your Love Life is an online show hosted by famous bestselling author and love expert S.K.Nelly. This is an exclusive opportunity for you to learn how to transform your life from the world’s leading love, dating and relationship experts!

Do you feel like you have no luck when it comes to men and long term relationships? It’s not about luck. It’s never been about luck.
Everything is possible if you know how to achieve it. To have success with men, you need to understand men and when you do, suddenly everything becomes simple.

More than 20 hours of video interviews will completely transform your love life by giving you a full insight into the male mind. Change Your Love Life Summit is the #1 resource for smart women all generations to create the love life from your dreams, no matter how many mistakes you’ve made so far. One thing is for sure: if you implement everything you learn from this summit – you will get RESULTS.

You are going to learn:

  • How to meet and attract high-quality men for a long term relationship
  • What men really want in women when choosing the right one
  • Why men commit to some women and not others, and how to get a man to commit
  • Why did he stop calling? What suddenly went wrong
  • Why he ran from you but committed to the woman after you
  • Why men lose interest in great women
  • How to keep him if he is pulling away
  • How to get him running back to you (instead of running away from you)
  • Keys to a successful, juicy relationship with a high-quality man
  • How to get him to propose
  • How to get your power back even if you messed up
  • How to get your ex back
  • …and MUCH Much More
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Here is what’s included with the Change Your Love Life Summit Online ALL ACCESS PASS (more than $2,500 value)
Complete Digital Access To Video Files Online For Each Of The 20+ Sessions


  • Exclusive: 50% Discount VOUCHER on S.K.Nelly’s One-on-one VIP Zoom Love Expert Coaching Services
  • Special Access to the private Facebook Change Your Love Life group
  • Coming together – Famous love experts Scot and Emily McKay discover irresistible secrets to forming a true partnership that can last forever in their amazing audio program
  • “Tell The Truth, Let The Peace Fall Where It May”- PDF bestselling book by Bryan Reeves, Thriving Life and Relationship coach who will show you that you were born for greatness
  • Love GUIDE by S.K.Nelly: IF A MAN LOSES INTEREST – How to Turn The Tables and Make Him Want You Again?

+ Other Bonuses from the Host and Speakers of the World Love Summit