How to get him interested again

How to get him interested again is a popular question among women. In our recent survey that involved a total of 1,757 women, this question came at the top of the list. This is also one of the most common questions that are asked at the very beginning of a loving relationship, when everything seems promising and then ends badly. Why men lose interest when a relationship needs to move in the right direction and how to make him interested again is one of the issues I’ll talk about today.

  • My dear ladies, I have a real treat for you – the results of the research you participated in! 1,757 of you gave me your opinions on the most common women’s concerns about love. Out of the total number of respondents, 34.04% are most interested in how to get him interested again.
  •  The questions that also ranked high include the following: how to turn a casual relationship into a committed one (17.81%), how to conquer a certain man (16.79%), how to meet a quality man (16.05%) and how to keep the man you love (15.31%). 43.48% of respondents are single, 18.10% are in a relationship, 15.77% are looking for true love, 12.46% are in a causal relationship, while 10.19% are married.
  •  An interesting fact is that the most women who participated in this survey are between the ages of 19 and 44, which is another confirmation that love problems are not necessarily age-related.


And this is indeed the case: years of experience are often not enough for love’s success – especially if we keep repeating the same mistakes.

How to get him interested again


The major mistakes that both women and men make at the beginning of a relationship

Every beginning of a relationship is very sensitive. Men do not understand women, women do not understand men. Still, this is not the main problem potential couples face.

The main mistakes that both women and men make at the beginning of a relationship are ASSUMPTIONS. When you assume and think you know what the other side wants, you are on a slippery ground.

Specifically, women and men have different expectations when it comes to romance. For example, a woman wants to get flowers for her birthday, and a man, often not knowing what to do, ultimately does nothing. While some men will at least take the effort to buy a flower, others will do nothing. Since you are not in a relationship, a man may send a sticker on Viber instead of real flowers, not knowing that it is absolutely unacceptable for an adult man. Women often think that a man will come up with a nice surprise, but the problem is that that often doesn’t happen. Both sides are disappointed.

However, speaking from the perspective of women, it is not a tragedy if you don’t get a bouquet of flowers for a man. What becomes a problem is when this man (who was so into you in the beginning) – suddenly disappears. If we assume that you really, really like him: the question is what caused the change of heart and how to get him interested again.

Players vs. guys from the neighborhood

He is a womanizer, many women will say.

That would be great if only the bad guys, the players, disappeared off the radar. But the fact is that everyone disappears – both good and bad guys. Both the guy from the neighborhood and the player have the same ways of disappearance. They disappear when they are no longer as interested as they were in the first place. What is the difference between the two mentioned?

Players simply know with women. Often very good looking, charming, considerate, and very communicative – as long as they are interested. They know what women like to hear, and most importantly – they know how to make a woman feel special.

Guys from the neighborhood mostly don’t have a clue what women want. They are average looking guys, cute, with that boyish charm. Women like them because they give the impression of a “guy with relationship potential”.

The difference between these two types of men is that the players have many options because they are very interesting to women, while the guys from the neighborhood have around 2-3 options. Ultimately, both the player and the neighborhood guy will disappear from the radar when they lose interest. The question is what to do when that happens? And what to do if you want him back?

The answer is very simple. You have to become a CHALLENGE.

Dear ladies, things are simple.

Men pull away when they are no longer interested. Then they stop texting you, and all the initiative on their behalf suddenly disappears.


What should you do?

For starters, don’t call him, don’t text him or ask any questions. The thing is – you barely know each other. Why would you be asking questions?

He will call you when he sees that he’s not that interesting to you anymore. He’ll get back to see if you are still into him. At least he’ll get in touch with you to get one little ego confirmation.

How to get him interested again

What happens when he reaches out to you? You must be wondering, my dear ladies, if you have to discuss his recent behavior. The answer is NO.

Just continue the friendly conversation, without asking, “Where have you been, why aren’t you answering?”

A man who only appears from time to time should be challenged, so here is what you should do: During the conversation, you should mention that the man should take the initiative. How? Here is an example:

“I am attracted to men who take the initiative,” is a great sentence in which you emphasize what is positive and what you like about men. At the same time, you are letting him know that you are NOT impressed by his recent behavior. So, you do not create negative tensions, but rather do the opposite – you set a CHALLENGE for him. He will most likely want to accept the challenge and show you that he is worthy of the task. And that he can do even better than that! Ultimately, he will realize that his sudden disappearance didn’t leave a good impression on you.

When a man accepts a challenge – everything changes. Suddenly he becomes inspired, and he wants to impress the woman who challenges him. A man who previously lost interest becomes interested again, if and only if he is intrigued in the right way.

Why is that so?

Things are simple

Men love CHALLENGES. They like the feeling that they are up to the task. If you challenge him in the right way, you will become a MAIN PRIZE in his eyes, and he will want to impress you. Driven by curiosity, a man will want to be closer to you.

How to get him interested again? Let him go and move on with your life without too much noise. When he reaches out to you again (and trust me, he will), don’t guilt trip him. Just treat him like a mere acquaintance, and then challenge him.

To sum up: How to get him interested again? You need to confuse him. Don’t let him know exactly where he stands with you. OK?

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