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Biography - About S.K.Nelly

S.K.Nelly, full name Sanela Kovačević Nelly is a Croatian bestselling author and columnist, TV personality one of the leading love experts in Europe.

Nelly is well known as one of the experts on RTL’s Croatian version of famous TV show MAFS – Married at First Sight.

She has a master’s degree in economics and she speaks Croatian, English, German, Spanish and Italian.

Nelly was born in Kutina, small town near Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. She began showing her writing talent at the early age and became famous with her best-selling books by teaching women how to get everything they want from their love life. She specializes in helping women understand and connect with men and changing their love lives in ways they could never imagine. She is the best love coach when it comes to attracting and keeping the high-quality man, getting him to commit or winning him back.

She actually began her writing career as a songwriter in the music industry, where her writing talent was recognized by many singers and composers. At that time, songwriting opens many doors for her, and music becomes her greatest love, but Nelly then moves on to writing books, when her greatest successes follow.


Her first book, A Man in the Palm of Your Hand, made a real boom, becoming a major regional bestseller overnight. The idea for the book came when her best friend, disappointed with a bad date, stated that someone should write a manual for men. Given that she was facing the same problems finding a quality partner, which is why she spent years and years researching and understanding male-female relationships, Nelly decided to write a manual, but this time – a manual for women.

The idea was simple – to help women achieve everything they wanted when it comes to love, explaining what men really want and think. The idea was to reveal secrets of a male mind and therefor simplify communication between the sexes. Her dream became reality because her book published in July, 2015, helped tens of thousands of women to change their love lives and became a huge bestseller in Europe.

Three years later she wrote her second book which also became a bestseller. The second book revealed how to get him back and fall in love with you more than ever. It was released in 2018 and has quickly become one of the best-selling European books in women’s literature. There years later, she wrote her third bestseller which was about turning a casual relationship to a committed one, which was a major breakthrough in helping women find love.

Due to her success in solving the love problems of her readers, Nelly become one of the most wanted love experts in Europe.

Year 2019 marks the beginning of her international career, when she attends US summits alongside the most popular dating experts, as a renowned love coach for women.

At this point, Nelly published six books, and all of them were major success changing the love life of tens of thousands of women in Europe and will soon be launched on the international market.

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